2019 Events

September 23rd, 1:30PM
Saskatchewan Legislative Gallery

A headshot of Stephanie Vance, the author of A Walk In Wascana.    Stephanie Vance
    A Walk In Wascana
    Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing


September 23rd, 7:00PM
Frances Morrison Library

A photo of Edward Willet, the author of Spirit Singer.    Edward Willett
    Spirit Singer
    Shadowpaw Press


September 24, 10:30AM and 1:30 PM
George Bothwell Library

A photo of Angie Counios and David Gane, authors of the Shepherd and Wolfe series.    Angie Counios and David Gane
    The Shepherd and Wolfe series
    Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing


September 26th
Weyburn Comprehensive School and Estevan Comprehensive School
Weyburn and Estevan

A photo of Gillian Harding-Russell, the author of In Another Air.    Gillian Harding-Russell
    In Another Air
    Radiant Press


A photo of James Trettwer, the author of Thorn-Field.    James Trettwer
    Thistledown Press


September 27th, 7:00PM
Centre Culturel Maillard

Hosted by l’Association communautaire fransaskoise de Gravelbourg

A photo of Laurier Gareau, the author of La trahison.    Laurier Gareau
    La trahison
    Éditions de la nouvelle plume


A photo of David Baudemont, the author of Lignes de fuite.    David Baudemont
    Lignes de fuite
    Éditions de la nouvelle plume


October 2nd
    Charlebois Community School
    Cumberland House

A photo of Miriam Korner, author of When We Had Sled Dogs.    Miriam Körner
    When We Had Sled Dogs: A Story From the
    Trapline: ācimowin ohci wanihikīskanāhk

    Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing


A photo of Ernie Louttit, a photo of The Unexpected Cop.    Ernie Louttit
    The Unexpected Cop: Indian Ernie On a Life Of

    University of Regina Press